Hearing loss isn’t just annoying – it can have a significant impact on your life and your overall health, not to mention interfering with your ability to communicate with your friends, your loved ones and your coworkers. Yet many people delay getting the treatment they need, often because they don’t know they even have a hearing loss. Knowing the signs and symptoms of hearing loss is an important part of getting the treatment you need so you can enjoy a better quality of life.



Common signs of hearing loss:

-Problems understanding conversations, especially in windy or noisy environments or group settings

-Problems understanding conversations on the telephone

-Difficulty hearing the television, stereo or other audio devices at volumes that are normal to others

-Asking people to repeat themselves on a regular basis or feeling like the people around you mumble or speak too softly

often misinterpreting directions or instructions as a result of “mishearing” them

-Finding yourself avoiding situations where you’ll have to listen closely or participate in discussions or conversations

-Difficulty hearing sounds like the telephone or doorbell ringing

-Problems determining where sounds are coming from

-Hearing “ringing” or “buzzing” noises in your ears when they’re not occurring in the environment around you (a condition called tinnitus)

Because hearing loss can occur over time, the signs and symptoms can be very subtle. It’s also easy to ignore symptoms or to simply accept these symptoms as part of the “natural” aging process. And to make matters worse, most family doctors don’t include hearing tests as part of annual routine physical exams, which means many hearing problems can remain undiagnosed for a long time. Without treatment, hearing loss can lead to depression, anxiety, social isolation and even dementia.

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