Having your hearing tested on a regular basis is the best way to identify and treat hearing loss in its earliest stages so you can avoid related issues like depression, anxiety and cognitive problems like dementia.

Unfortunately, most family doctors don’t evaluate hearing during routine physical exams, which means it’s up to you to make sure you schedule a hearing evaluation on your own. Audibel makes it easy and affordable by offering free hearing tests at each of their 17 locations throughout Northern and Southwestern Florida.


If you’ve never had your hearing professionally tested before, here’s what you can expect:

Video Otoscope Assessment

You’ve probably had your ears examined with a traditional otoscope before, but at Audibel, we use state-of-the-art video otoscopes to capture images of the ear canal and eardrum, transmitting those images to a computer screen where they can be easily seen and evaluated. The video otoscope will be able to determine if you have a buildup of earwax or another problem that could be interfering with sound transmission from the external environment to your middle or inner ear. Video otoscope assessment is completely painless and takes just a few moments to perform.

Audiometric Testing

During the second portion of your test, our hearing specialists will use state-of-the-art computerized testing equipment to evaluate your hearing under different conditions and settings, including spoken words and varying levels of loudness to determine which types of sounds you can and cannot hear. Audiometric testing is comprehensive, evaluating the complete range of hearing, including how well you hear in noisy environments. Like the video otoscope exam, audiometric testing is painless, and it can provide a wealth of data about your specific symptoms and the type of hearing loss you’re suffering.

Personal Consultation

During your consultation appointment, you’ll be asked to describe any symptoms you or your loved ones may have noticed, and you’ll also be asked about your lifestyle, hobbies and other factors that could help determine the best hearing solution for your needs.


Audibel is a trusted provider of hearing health services for men and women throughout the U.S. Each of our 17 locations in Northern and Southwestern Florida is staffed by skilled, caring professionals dedicated to helping each person find the ideal solution for their hearing problems. Take that first step toward better hearing by scheduling your free hearing test today. Visit our locations page to find the Audibel center nearest you.