Enjoy everything people love about our popular wireless lineup—including hands-free cell phone conversations and direct, wireless connectivity to TVs, MP3 players and more—in a small, reliable and virtually waterproof hearing aid. Audibel A2 Wireless micro RIC is designed to deliver unrivaled sound clarity in virtually every listening environment.



Small, discreet hearing aidsFeature-rich hearing aids that hide behind your ears
A way to hear better in noiseA precision microphone technology and advanced noise reduction and speech recognition system designed to amplify meaningful sounds—such as speech—while reducing unwanted background noise
Help hearing high-frequency sounds
(like children’s and women’s voices)
The only technology that replicates high-frequency speech cues into lower frequencies, where they’re easier to hear
A personal and comfortable listening experienceSound compression technology designed to differentiate soft speech from loud, for a more enhanced and natural sound quality
More natural, 3D-like sound qualityEar-to-ear communication designed to mimic how our ears typically listen and hear
Hands-free cell phone conversationsThe JustTalk™ feature on our SurfLink® Mobile turns your hearing aids into both your cell phone microphone and receiver
Direct audio streaming of media devicesDirect-to-hearing-aid streaming of TVs, computers, MP3 players and more when synced with either SurfLink Mobile or SurfLink Media
No buzzing or whistlingOur industry-leading feedback suppression technology makes buzzing and whistling hearing aids a thing of the past
Reliable, hassle-free hearing aidsHydraShield®, our pioneering water- and wax-repellent moisture protection system — and tactile, easy-to-use controls