Untreated Hearing Loss Linked to Depression

Did you know that hearing loss can be a direct impact to your mental and social health? Unfortunately, recent studies have actually linked untreated hearing loss with depression—finding that seniors with untreated hearing loss were 8% more likely to report feelings of depression and emotional distress than those who used a hearing aid.

The same study also found that people who did not use a hearing aid to treat their hearing loss were 10% less likely to participate in social activities than hearing aid users.

Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

All too often, people with hearing loss are reluctant to try out a hearing aid because they’re either not aware or in denial about the extent of their hearing loss. Sadly, the end result is that these people go without the treatment they need and, in turn, are more likely to become depressed, emotionally distressed, and withdraw from their favorite activities.

However, those who do decide to give hearing aids a try rarely regret doing so. People who have their hearing loss treated are more likely to maintain healthy relationships with their loved ones as well as experience a greater sense of independence. This is likely because hearing aids help individuals to listen and communicate more effectively, which improves their social interactions.

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Whether you’re suffering from hearing loss or know somebody who is, the fact remains that a hearing aid could drastically improve your life. Don’t fall into the risk of becoming depressed or missing out on the social activities you enjoy. Boost your relationships with loved ones, your self-confidence, and your overall sense of safety by scheduling an appointment to be fitted for a hearing aid.

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