Top Causes of Severe Hearing Loss

You might think that losing your hearing is an inevitable part of growing older, but that’s only one of many reasons people suffer from a severe hearing loss. While you can’t help many of them from happening, a wide variety of environmental factors can affect how well you hear.


Hearing loss related to medication usually comes in two forms: permanent and temporary. Some cancer treatments and antibiotics are known to cause permanent damage to your hearing. Your doctor will likely monitor your hearing while taking these drugs. Other, over-the-counter medications such as aspirin, acetaminophen, and NSAIDS are known to affect hearing, but the problem generally goes away when the patient stops taking the medication.

Ongoing Workplace Noise

Machine shops, airports, and other workplaces with loud machinery are common spots for damaging hearing during work. Being exposed to high decibel noises on a daily basis can permanently affect your ability to hear. It’s important for you to wear proper hearing protection while working these jobs. Wear earplugs plus over-the-ear protection, and take quiet breaks as often as possible.

Loud, Explosive Noises

One avoidable cause of hearing loss is explosive noises caused by leisure time activities. Shotguns or other firearms, fireworks, firecrackers, and other types of explosions cause very strong sound waves and can do permanent damage to your hearing by rupturing eardrums or damaging inner ears. If you have to be near explosive substances, wear protective gear.

Loud Concerts and Other Music

Rock and roll fans have known about the effects of loud music on hearing for decades. The loud decibels blasted out from a concert speaker can cause tinnitus, an annoying ringing in the ear that can last for days, weeks, or a lifetime.

If you listen to your own personal music on headphones or earbuds, make sure they aren’t loud enough for anyone else to hear it. Blasting loud music directly into your ears can cause damage.

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