The Future of Hearing Aids

Today’s hearing aid is already so sophisticated that most devices do more than just amplify sound. Manufacturers are continuing to design innovative features for future products to ensure you enjoy a seamless hearing experience.

Making Hearing Part of the Wellness Evolution

If you look at most wrists, you’ll notice they wear something that is more than just a watch. Smart wearable devices can monitor heart rates, blood pressures, and, for some, even blood sugar levels.

Some day, hearing aids may perform the same functions as other wearable devices like monitoring heart rate and the number of steps taken. They can add other features related to brain health, as well, such as reporting the amount of time the user spends in conversation.

Adding Singularity

Future hearing aids will work together as a single unit. Ear-to-ear conductivity is already in play, but future designs promise to allow for more functionality with the help of advanced chip designs. Working together means filtering out background noises and adjusting volumes automatically for each ear without the user’s prompt.

Language Translation

Hearing aids are going to get much smarter, too. Smart enough to translate 37 different languages, which will be an impressive asset for anyone traveling abroad or who has a neighbor that primarily speaks a different language. It will also be beneficial for someone learning a new language.

AI in Hearing Technology

You hear a lot these days about the impact of artificial intelligence on various industries. Hearing technology is not exempt from AI’s impact. AI will make the process of fitting hearing aids easier and more precise.

The addition of AI into the hearing technology industry has the potential to improve features and provide better flexible algorithms to enhance device functioning, as well. 

Smart Technology Communities With Hearing Aids

The giants in smart technology like Amazon, Google, and Apple are looking to connect hearing aids to voice recognition devices like Alexa and Siri. A person using Siri to find the local coffee shop will hear the directions in their ears, for instance.

Hearing Aids as a Fashion Accessory

Consumers are already seeing some innovations in hearing aid styles on the market. For example, HearRings look like earrings. As technology continues to advance, users will have a choice. They can wear hearing aids that no one will ever see or they can show them off as a fashion accessory.

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