Is Technology Available for Tinnitus Management?

Some people describe it as a constant ringing in the ears, while for others it’s more like a hissing, whistling, buzzing, or even chirping. Sound familiar? If so, you’re probably among the one in five adults today who suffer from tinnitus.

These sounds can be constant or intermittent, but they all occur when no actual sound is present in the environment. Tinnitus can range from a slight annoyance to an actual disability. In fact, it’s the number one reason for disability among military veterans. You can develop tinnitus at any age, but it’s more likely as you get older. Every case of tinnitus is slightly different, even down to the causes. This is one of the main reasons that finding a solution to this very real problem has been so difficult. Luckily, real answers have been discovered, and U.S. Hearing Solutions can help.

The Technological Answer for Tinnitus

In the past, if you’d explored all medical solutions for tinnitus, you might have had to resign yourself to living with the constant noise. Some people have found a bit of comfort with noise machines in the bedroom or practicing meditation and other coping mechanisms to learn to deal with the sounds, but no real solutions have appeared until now.

For many patients, hearing aids are a simple solution to the problem. Just the act of wearing a well-fitted pair of hearing aids can prevent the tinnitus from happening. Many of our patients breathe a sigh of relief after being fitted for the first time, reporting their first peaceful night in years.

Another solution is Multiflex Tinnitus Technology. This tiny bit of tech that’s added to hearing aids produces a type of white noise that’s perfectly matched to the tones and sounds of your tinnitus. The customized frequencies play through your hearing aids to help manage your tinnitus.

Looking for Tinnitus Relief?

You don’t need to suffer from constant ringing in the ears. Tinnitus can be managed in a variety of ways, and U.S. Hearing Solutions can be the solution to your problem. Find a location near you to schedule a consultation today.