Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids this Summer

The summer months bring with them some unique challenges when it comes to hearing aid maintenance. What can you do this summer to protect your most critical hearing asset?

Summer Brings Moisture

Whether you are in a swimming pool, ocean, or another humid environment, moisture is hard on hearing aids. There are some things you can do, though, to prevent moisture from getting inside your devices.

  • Take out your hearing aids when you are working or exercising outdoors in the heat or if you are expecting rain. It doesn’t take much moisture to damage the intricate parts of the hearing aid.
  • Keep a soft, clean rag handy for a quick dry off if your hearing aids do get wet. A microfiber cloth is a good choice.
  • Wear sweatbands when enjoying the sun. They will keep sweat from running down and getting into your hearing aids.
  • Don’t take your hearing aids out and put them in your vehicle’s glove box. Hot cars mean moisture buildup. Store them in a proper case out of the sun and heat.

Plan for Water Emergencies

There are products out there designed to pull water out of a hearing aid in an emergency such as:

  • Hearing aid dehumidifiers – These devices typically double as a safe storage case. Many use an ultraviolet lamp to kill bacteria along with circulating air to dry out the inside.
  • Hearing aid dryers – The electronic kind uses a power source to circulate air. Non-electronic hearing aid dryers use a desiccant or gel to absorb moisture.

Take precautions to prevent water damage but be ready in case it happens.

Battle the Bacteria

Moisture brings bacteria with it that can harm both your ears and your hearing aids. Consider carrying around disinfectant towelettes to clean the devices regularly, especially during the summer.

Proper Storage

Get in the habit of storing your hearing aids at night with the battery door open. This is critical all year round but in the hot months, it will help dry them out, as well. Do this whether you are using a dehumidifier for storage or not.

Smart Travel

You have all the tools you need to protect your hearing devices; now make sure to pack them when going on the road.

Pack all your hearing aids necessities (soft towels, disinfectant wipes, and drying device) in your carry-on luggage or someplace you can get to them easily when driving. Stock up on the extras, too, like tubes and batteries.

If you have questions about hearing aids or how to care for them, give U.S. Hearing Solutions a call. We are here to help.