Ear Care

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How Hearing Loss Treatment Can Help Alzheimer’s Patients

It is common to perceive hearing loss as something that simply and naturally happens as you grow older. However, this perception is a common excuse that keeps many from seeking treatment even when the treatment is guaranteed to improve their quality of life. Hearing loss…
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Hearing Loss FAQs

Anytime a person’s health changes, the future can suddenly become frightening. Hearing loss is certainly no exception. Throughout your life, you’ve come to rely on your hearing to guide you away from danger, facilitate communication with other people, and generally enable you to enjoy the…
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Helpful Travel Tips With Hearing Aids

From finding a house-sitter to making sure you pack enough outfits for the upcoming trip, there’s a lot to check off your “to-do” list before you can enjoy an upcoming vacation. If you have hearing loss and will be traveling with a hearing aid, however,…