Hearing Aids That are Virtually Invisible

Hearing aids have come a long way in recent decades, and some new models are so sleek you have to see them (or not see them) to believe it! From advanced digital circuitry to customized design, engineers are pushing the boundaries of hearing aid technology and helping patients improve their quality of life.

Technological Innovations Made Hearing Aids Sleeker & More Effective

If you haven’t investigated hearing aid technology in several years, you’d be forgiven for mistakenly thinking that all hearing aid solutions are still clunky and conspicuous pieces that draw attention to themselves. Thanks to recent advances in in hearing solution technology, many of today’s hearing aids provide exceptional results while being barely noticeable in the ear.

One example is a category called Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) hearing aids, such as the INVISIBEL SYNERGY or AMP devices, which fit completely inside the ear canal for maximum concealment. For many patients, IIC hearing aids deliver the optimal balance of aesthetics and hearing assistance that wasn’t possible with older models.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Custom-Built Hearing Solution

Because IIC hearing aids need to fit completely inside the ear canal in order to be invisible, many models are custom built for your specific ear shape and size. This means that you can have a comfortable hearing aid that delivers the results you need.

IIC hearing aids are generally for patients with mild to moderately severe hearing loss, and it’s important to note that they may not be completely invisible in all cases. Because of their extended time inside the ear canal, IIC hearing aids typically get between 3-7 days of battery life, and may experience more wear and tear than other types of hearing solutions due to the conditions inside the ear canal itself.

Get Matched with a Hearing Aid that Works for You

Although not everyone will be suited for an IIC hearing aid, the technology has made it possible for many patients to finally have a reliable solution for their hearing loss that they don’t have to be embarrassed about.

To learn more about incredible technology hearing technology such as INVISIBEL SYNERGY or AMP devices, speak with the professionals at US Hearing Solutions, who can help match you to a hearing aid that is especially suited for your needs.