Hearing Aid Trends in 2020

From space-age technology to structural changes in the marketplace, there are numerous factors that impact the trends that will define hearing aids in the coming year.

Hearing loss is becoming more prevalent and affecting different groups

Hearing loss prevalence in the U.S. has been increasing in recent years. The most worrying trend is that groups traditionally less affected by the condition are at more risk than ever before. Due largely to constant headphone and earbud use, teenagers and young adults are contracting hearing loss at alarming rates. This will cause the industry to respond to serve this increased demographic.

Innovators continue to push the limits of technology

New technology and AI is changing the course of what engineers and developers are able to do with hearing aids. Smart devices and wearable technology are allowing for advanced control of hearing devices and a breadth of new customization options. Innovations in sound quality have also created new possibilities for clarity and amplification.

Hearing aid customers have more options than ever

With all of these changes, hearing aid customers now have more power in the marketplace than ever before. The explosion of options on the market means that buying choices have an even greater impact. Furthermore, buyers have a say in what they want and expect from their hearing technology like never before.

Whether you’re seeing a hearing specialist for the first time or you’ve worn a hearing aid for years, staying on top of the industry trends can help you improve your hearing aid experience. Contact U.S. Hearing Solutions today to schedule a consultation at one of our conveniently-located hearing centers, and learn more about the most innovative hearing aids on the market today.