The hearing aid industry has benefited tremendously from the past decade of technology evolution. Hearing aids today are smaller, more powerful, and more durable than ever before, enabling the people who wear them to enjoy life with fewer distractions and disruptions. As 2019 gets well underway, here’s a look at some of the hearing aid trends we should expect to see in the coming months:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way people interact with the world around them. Partnerships with Apple’s Siri and other AI programs will enable hearing aid users to request volume adjustments simply by using verbal commands. Voice-activated hearing aids and Artificial Intelligence features may be new to the hearing aid industry, but users suspect that these features are here to stay.

Rapid Recharge

Longer-lasting batteries are no longer a luxury—they’re a necessity. 2019’s technology will take battery life one step further, offering users quick-charge options that fill entire battery cells in only a few seconds. Additionally, smart technologies will enable prolonged battery life during use by optimizing performance in high- or low-noise areas to preserve energy as often as possible.

Health Alerts

Hearing aids will soon employ the use of built-in health monitors and alerts, which allow patients to observe their heart rates while undertaking normal activities. The industry is also imploring the use of technology to enable wearers of hearing aids to connect with the medical community, should they find themselves in need of assistance in situations where phones or other connective devices aren’t readily available.

Hybrid Devices

A combination of hearing aids and entertainment systems will soon come together, bringing with it the ability for users to enjoy normal conversations, background noise, and foreground sounds as they choose. Hybrid devices encompass the best of today’s studio sounds within audio hearing devices that are made for daily use.

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