Get the Most from Your Hearing Aids with Accessories

You may not associate accessories with hearing aids, but some of the available add-on features can personalize your hearing aids to fit your specific needs. What accessories should you consider for your hearing aids and why?

A Remote Microphone

An effective hearing aid will pick up conversations within about 12 feet, but that may not adapt in louder, unavoidable situations — like when you are seated near the kitchen at your favorite restaurant. In many situations like this, you may struggle through the conversation at your own table.

A remote microphone picks up more than the standard hearing aid microphone. Your conversation partner would wear the remote microphone, and the microphone would relay your partner’s voice directly to your hearing aids. If you are taking a class or attending a seminar, the microphone can even sit on the presenter’s podium, so you won’t miss a single word.

SurfLink® Mobile Cell Phone Transmitter

A cell phone transmitter pairs wireless hearing aids with a phone for hands-free calls or music streaming. SurfLink will also improve the quality of the audio that is transmitted to the person on the line with you.

The cell phone transmitter works as a directional microphone, as well. Place it near someone you are speaking with or near the TV, and the cell phone transmitter sends the nearby sound to your hearing aids.

SurfLink can pair to any Bluetooth®-enabled music device, so you can listen to music directly in your hearing aids.

SurfLink Media 2 Streaming Device

With SurfLink Media 2, you can receive the TV or stereo audio directly through your hearing aid. No more worrying about the volume of the television. With SurfLink Media 2, you have that ability to adjust the volume directly from your hearing aids without affecting what anyone else in the room hears.

You simply plug SurfLink Media 2 into all of your TVs and stereos. As you move around the house, your hearing aids will pair with each device seamlessly. The device will work with all wireless hearing aids, too. If there is more than one person in the room watching TV, both people will have the opportunity to simultaneously hear the television from their hearing aids.

Improving your hearing doesn’t stop at the hearing aids — accessories can make your life even more enjoyable. Contact U.S. Hearing Solutions to schedule an appointment today and let a hearing specialist find a plan that works to improve your hearing.