Finding Tinnitus Relief


Every year more than 50 million Americans experience persistent ringing in the ears both day and night. This condition, called tinnitus, is one of the most common hearing loss-related impairments that historically had very few treatment solutions. However, over the past two years, Audibel has been helping numerous patients finally find the relief that they have been looking for with the A3 tinnitus device.

Up until the introduction of the Audibel A3 tinnitus device, the best clinical treatment suggestions had been a mixture of preventative actions and therapeutic solutions. Traditional tinnitus treatment have been more focused on coping with the condition instead of managing the condition, similar to what is described in this Harvard Health Publications article. However, the A3 tinnitus device helps to cover up the tinnitus by creating a sound stimulus to soothe the irritating ringing.

While the ability to diminish the tinnitus side effects with the A3 device varies by individual, the large majority of wearers have reported success! To learn more about tinnitus solutions and to try and in-office trial, simply submit your information on the Contact Us page or call our office during regular business hours. We want to help you find tinnitus relief!