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Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids this Summer

The summer months bring with them some unique challenges when it comes to hearing aid maintenance. What can you do this summer to protect your most critical hearing asset? Summer Brings Moisture Whether you are in a swimming pool, ocean, or another humid environment, moisture…
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Holiday Travel Tips with Hearing Aids

The holidays are a time for friends and family to get together and enjoy the festivities of the season. Travel is often a part of that, but the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can mean larger crowds and a more hectic pace. (more…)
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Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday with Hearing Aids

The holidays usually mean spending time with friends and family, whether it’s eating special meals or having fun at gatherings. All these traditional get-togethers are supposed to be fun, but having hearing aids can turn them into stressful occasions. It doesn’t have to be that…
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Hurricane Michael Relief – Fort Walton Beach

Donations Needed for Hurricane Michael Evacuees in Our Community U.S. Hearing Solutions is a hearing center that prides itself on continually serving the hearing needs of the Northern and Southwestern Florida communities. The center has displaced residents from communities that have been affected by Hurricane…

What Is the Best Way to Clean My Ears?

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t use cotton swabs to clean out your ears, but what should you do if they become blocked? Earwax, otherwise known as cerumen, is a thick substance your ear produces in order to clean itself. It generally moves outward toward…