Tinnitus and Coffee

Good News: Coffee Drinkers May Be at Lower Risk of Developing Tinnitus

Plenty of people crave their daily morning coffee, but what if that extra cup could also reduce your risk of developing tinnitus? An important study on the effects of caffeine intake and instances of tinnitus suggests that it’s true, which means you may want to…
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You’re Not Alone: Celebrities Who’ve Struggled With Tinnitus

Approximately 20% of American adults suffer from tinnitus, which occurs when the brain sends sound signals (such as ringing, chirping, etc.) to make up for a lack of sound in the auditory system. Tinnitus is usually associated with gradual hearing loss, and it is so…
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Finding Tinnitus Relief

Every year more than 50 million Americans experience persistent ringing in the ears both day and night. This condition, called tinnitus, is one of the most common hearing loss-related impairments that historically had very few treatment solutions. However, over the past two years, Audibel has…