You Can Be A Hearing Angel

Did you know a portion of every Audibel hearing aid purchase goes towards helping others in need to receive hearing aids? When you or a loved one purchase new Audibel hearing aid technology you are helping to give the gift of hearing to someone less fortunate in need around the world. In our continued support of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, we want to help build greater awareness for this unique cause as well as their amazing work in providing better hearing to hundreds of thousands so far and more every year! Today we are excited to share more about how this program works.

Through this Hearing Angel program, everyone can be a part of the collective efforts to show meaning and value to others in need through hearing aid donations to those who wouldn’t normally get the hearing care they deserve. Providing better hearing is truly an opportunity to connect people to each other and their community to share experiences and life. By not only helping our patients get the hearing care they deserve, but also by letting them help someone else we feel we are connecting every individual through the gift of hearing.

Through this Hearing Angel program you can help the Starkey Hearing Foundation continue to provide hearing aids in the United States and numerous countries across the globe. It all starts with a hearing consultation and any amount of purchase, if hearing technology is deemed necessary, creates a contribution to this cause. To schedule your appointment, or for a loved one, simply submit your information on our Contact Us page or call our office during business hours.