Are Men or Women More Impacted by Hearing Loss?

Most people know that older adults are more likely to develop hearing loss, but does a person’s gender also have an impact on their chances of having hearing problems?

Men are more likely than women to develop hearing loss

Studies have shown that, regardless of age, men are approximately two times as likely to develop hearing loss during their lives as women are. Hearing loss can affect anyone regardless of gender, age, or race, and every person should be vigilant about getting their hearing checked regularly. However, men—especially older men—should absolutely make it a priority in order to catch any issues as early as possible.

Lifestyle factors are thought to be the main reason

According to medical experts, there is no evidence to suggest that men develop hearing loss more often due to biological differences from women. Instead, they believe that lifestyle factors that are generally more specific to men are the most likely reason for the disparity.

One segment of these lifestyle factors is job-related. Throughout history, men have more often held jobs that place them near loud equipment and other noises for extended periods of time, such as construction, manufacturing, and military service. These industries employ far more men than women, and thus there are going to be many more men suffering from hearing loss because of on-the-job noise exposure.

Also, traditionally male hobbies tend to more often involve loud noises when compared to those that are disproportionately taken up by women. Think about activities such as car/motorcycle racing, shooting firearms, and attending sporting events.

Men and women often respond differently to hearing loss

Another issue related to gender and hearing loss is that men are typically less inclined to seek treatment when they notice a problem, often because they feel it will be seen as weakness. This compounds the problem of more men overall contracting some form of hearing loss, as women who do suffer from hearing problems are usually less concerned about the stigma associated with them.

Everyone needs to be aware of the state of their hearing health

It’s clear that men face some unique challenges when it comes to hearing loss. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone else can neglect their ear health and not worry. The best way to get ahead of any hearing problems, no matter what gender you are, is to visit a hearing specialist to get a full assessment of your condition. The experts at U.S. Hearing Solutions can help diagnose any issues with a comprehensive hearing exam and recommend treatment options that fit your lifestyle, so schedule a consultation at one of our hearing centers today to get started.